Refund Policy

1.1 GAN Store “”, is an online store of Get Admission Nigeria aimed at providing a conducive environment for exchanging e-materials amongst Aspirants, Students, Graduates, Scholars and interested individuals. This Refund Policy sets out how GAN “” remits or refunds money to you when you Place Order, Make Payment, buy GAN Voucher, Use GAN Voucher, Send Cancel Order Request or purchase item on this website. For policies that govern GAN Vouchers, please refer to our VOUCHER POLICY.

2.1 If you have met the requirements described in this terms of service, you may be entitled for a refund;
2.2 In Cash (make payment to you or transfer via online, mobile and ATM transfer)
2.3 In Credit (credit your e-wallet so you can shop on this site with your credit) and/or
2.4 In GAN Voucher (Coupon Code). (Please read our Voucher Policy).

3.1 If we noticed that a particular item is not in stock after you placed your order and we cannot provide the item within seven (7) working days, we will refund you your money in cash. This situation only applies where an individual comes across a product in our store, placed an order and made a payment (bank payments only) and we’re not able to provide the service or the product within 7 working days. Then you are entitled for a refund in cash if he/she wishes to.
3.2 The item which the user paid for in the order is not the item downloaded, in such case, if we’re not able to provide the user with the main item ordered for within 7 working days, we will refund in cash or otherwise if he/she wishes to.
3.3 If we don’t have the item requested for as explained in section 4.2 and cannot provide it within 7 working days, then you will be entitled for a refund in cash.

4.1 A member placed an order that is clearly marked “out of stock” and proceed to make payment, we cannot refund in cash rather his/her wallet will be credited with the actual amount he deposited in the bank.
4.2 If an item is “not as described”. If it is materially different from the item description or content. For instance, if you purchased UNN Post UTME in error because the description says it contains UNIZIK Post UTME 2005 to 2015. You ‘ll send us a cancel order request after contacting us so we can credit your e-wallet and you use it to purchase the right product.
4.3 If you noticed you don’t need a particular item after paying for the order, provided that we have not activated your service for you, your wallet will be credited with the amount deposited after you sent us a cancel order request.

5.1 GAN and its associates attempt to be as accurate as possible. However, we do not warrant that product descriptions or content is accurate, complete, current, or error-free. If a product offered by GAN itself is not as described, we may grant a refund.
5.2 If you lost your voucher when it is not yet applied to any product, a refund may be granted with a service charge of N200 no matter the cost of the voucher. We will only help you recover the lost voucher. You will be ready to provide the information requested from you in order to verify such claims.
5.3 If the voucher issued to you is not valid or does not meet the conditions for the product you ordered for or does not equal the amount paid for the voucher, you are entitled for a refund provided you have not used the previous voucher.
5.4 If a voucher is wrongly applied; for instance, you applied a N5,000 voucher which can be used once on a N3,000 order. We will need some information from you to refund you in voucher the remaining N2,000 but a service fee of N200 and 10% of the amount to be recovered will be charged. In this case the amount to be recovered is N2,000 so the 10% is N200 + N200 service fee = N400.
5.5 Since vouchers can only be applied on the cart and checkout stages, if an order has been place by a user who has already purchased a voucher, he may request for the voucher to be applied by the admin. In this case, a refund will not be granted rather the order will be activated and voucher deleted from our system.
5.6 If you paid above your order total price, then the difference will be rewarded in voucher and sent to you.

6.1 If the item is materially similar to the description and content and works the way it should, there is generally no obligation to provide a refund.
6.2 You lost your FREE voucher;
6.3 You don’t know when you applied your free credit.
6.4 you have not downloaded your item;
6.5 you don’t want it after you’ve downloaded it;
6.6 the item did not meet your expectations;
6.7 you don’t have the right system/application/software to open your file
6.8 you simply change your mind;
6.9 you bought an item by mistake;
6.10 you do not have sufficient expertise to use the item;
6.11 you used your voucher to purchase the wrong item;
6.12 you used your credit to purchase the wrong item;
6.13 you didn’t know when you entered the voucher;
6.14 you didn’t know when you entered/used your credit;
6.15 you ask for goodwill;
6.16 someone hacked your account and used your credit or voucher; or
6.17 you can no longer access the item because it has been removed (we advise you to download items as soon as you have purchased them to avoid this situation).

7.1 GAN and its associates attempt to be as accurate as possible. However, we do not warrant that product descriptions or content is accurate, complete, current, or error-free.
7.2 We cannot refund a money which we have not yet confirmed its payment.
7.3 In some cases, we may need some information like (name, email address, teller number, order number, voucher id, voucher, product name etc) in order to verify such claims. In a situation where you refused to provide us with all the information requested from you, a refund may be delayed or not be granted.
7.4 When you have met all the requirement to get a refund, it may take us 24 hours to 7 working days to grant your request.
7.5 If you think you are entitled for a refund, you are required to write to our support team using the form below. We will make a decision based on all available information and you agree that our decision is final.



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