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How To Place An Order

  • First Create and Account or Login
  • Add items you need to buy to cart
  • Click Proceed to Checkout
  • Choose Payment Method
  • If you have GAN Voucher, Enter it
  • Accept Terms of Service and Policy
  • Click on Submit Order
  • Your order is received and being processed
  • Check your dashboard for details and invoice
  • A Payment Receipt ‘ll be sent to you and your files sent to your email and dashboard
  • Download your files any day any time.

How To Buy GANVoucher

  • Visit Voucher Request Page.
  • Enter the Amount of Voucher you want to buy.
  • Enter your Name, Phone Number and Email-Address.
  • Click Submit Request
  • After Payment, Text your Voucher Id, Amount Paid and Email Address to 08035596288
  • Once your payment is confirmed, GAN Voucher will be sent to your Phone Number.