Voucher Policy and Disclaimer

There are four ways in which our users can purchase an item in our store

  1. Bank Payment (which include Bank Deposit, Mobile Transfer, Mobile Money, ATM Transfer and/or Online Transfer).
  2. Balance from e-Wallet (credited when a Cancel Order Request is granted)
  3. GAN Voucher (issued upon request or free and and used as described in this policy)
  4. GAN Barter (not yet active)


GAN Voucher is a promotional code otherwise called a COUPON CODE which can be applied to an item in place of  the prize tag or part of the price or percentage of the price at the cart or checkout stages respectively.


Any one is allowed to use GAN Voucher. Newly registered members are rewarded with N200 Credit which they can chop with here.

Vouchers appear as codes eg (ganvcher41stuse) and can appear in any way but written in small letters. Vouchers can be used to purchase items or pay for orders in our site. Vouchers can be purchased, rewarded and promoted.

A voucher may be bought when an individual wants to pay for an item to be bought in advance. When you buy a voucher, the voucher doesn’t expire unless otherwise stated, the voucher may be entitle to be used once, twice or unlimited, the voucher again may be used to purchase any product or some of the products. If we decide to differ the price of the voucher to the actual price, it doesn’t not affect the main price. For instance, if you bought N5,000 voucher at N4,000, you can still use it to purchase N5,000 item on our site.

A voucher may be rewarded in a situation where someone purchased an item, in that item may include a voucher to be used to purchase another item. Voucher rewarded may not be used to purchase all products and may not be applied to all products. We only promise that those vouchers are valid up to the time of their validity. A rewarded voucher can only be applied when all the conditions for such vouchers are met. Our system does that job.

A voucher may be promoted to encourage members to give our chop a chance and may be motivate them to chop here. Such vouchers may be advertised publicly like (ganvcher41stuse) which is free for use for your first chop in our site. Promoted vouchers may have a limited number of users who will be allowed to use it.

The management of GAN Store may also decide to award a voucher to any user or member he wishes to.

It is important to note that vouchers can only be applied on the cart and checkout stages, if an order has been place by a user who has already purchased a voucher, he may request for the voucher to be applied by the admin. We will do just that provided that the voucher price matches the order price or the difference will be balance by user. If the difference should be balanced by us, then read our refund policy.


Your interest to purchase GAN Vouchers means

  1. That you have read the statement written above
  2. That you understand the statements as contained in this page.
  3. That you are willingly opting in to purchase GAN Voucher because you have read and understood the statements above and our refund policy
  4. That you accept that the only way your voucher can be retrieved or refunded is subject by this statement and the refund policy
  5. That you will never blame GAN for any error, mistakes or inaccuracies occurring by the use of the voucher issued to you.
  6. That you shall always maintain and keep to the rules involving GAN Voucher
  7. That you cannot disclose your voucher to a third party
  8. That you ‘ll keep your account information private and not disclose it to the public or allow access to the third party.
  9. That you understand and accept that GAN’s decision to GAN Vouchers are subject to this statement, privacy policy, terms of service, disclaimer and refund policy.
  10. That you accept the validity and accept to be subject to these statements, privacy policy, terms of service, disclaimer and refund policy.


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