SS1 First Term Note on Mathematics

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This SS2 NOTE on Mathematics  is compiled using the main scheme of work approved by the Post Primary Schools Service Commission (PPSSC) as stated below.

You are recommended to give the students only the weeks/headings and the the sub-heading

We help to break it down into sub-headings to help our fans know what and what are contained in the ebook they may wish to order.

The note book was compiled by Arinze Ifeanyi, once a Mathematics teacher in a government and private institutions.




  1. Laws of Indices
    1. Multiplication law
    2. Division law
    3. Power law
    4. Product power law
    5. Zero index or zero law
    6. Negative index
    7. Roots power law
    8. Fractional index law
  2. Graph of y = 10x . Use of Logarithm; Relationship between Locagorithm and Indices
    1. Relationship between logarithm and indices
    2. Definition of logarithm
    3. Graph of y = 10x
  3. Base ten logarithm tables and antilogarithm table
    1. Characteristics of logarithm
    2. Mantissa of a logarithm
    3. Logarithm of numbers greater than 1
    4. Antilogarithm
    5. Using logarithm to solve problems: (Multiplication, Division, Powers and Roots)
  4. Use of tables in solving Powers and Roots involving Multiplication and divisions
  5. Set Theory
    1. Definition of a set
    2. Elements of a set
    3. Number of elements in a set
    4. Set notation
    5. Types of set
    6. Operations on set
  6. Venn Diagram and its application to problem solving on set theory
  7. Revision of factorization by grouping factors
    1. Quadratic expressions
    2. Factorizing quadratic expression
    3. Difference of two squares
    4. Perfect square quadratic expressions
  8. Solution of quadratic roots, construction of quadratic equation.
  9. Graph of linear quadratic roots
    1. Graphical solution of quadratic equation
    2. Linea graph
    3. Drawing quadratic graph
  10. Sum and Product of Quadratic roots, construction of quadratic Equation with roots
    1. Construction of quadratic equation with given roots
      1. First Method
      2. Second Method
  • Third Method
  1. Number bases.
    1. Conversion of number bases
    2. Conversion from base ten to any base
    3. Conversion from other bases to base 10
      1. Power expansion
      2. Successive multiplication
    4. Conversion of number in one base to another
    5. Conversion of fraction in base ten to any base
    6. Conversion of fraction in other bases to base ten
    7. Addition and multiplication in other bases (two methods)



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