SS3 First Term Note on Mathematics

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This SS3 First Term NOTE on Mathematics  is compiled using the main scheme of work approved by the Post Primary Schools Service Commission (PPSSC) as stated below.

You are recommended to give the students only the weeks/headings and the the sub-heading

We help to break it down into sub-headings to help our fans know what and what are contained in the ebook they may wish to order.

The note book was compiled by Arinze Ifeanyi, once a Mathematics teacher in a government and private institutions.




  1. Theory of Logarithm
    1. Introducing logarithm from indices
    2. Using logarithm to solve problems (Multiplication, division, power and root)
    3. Laws of logarithm
    4. Logarithm of products
    5. Logarithm of quotients
    6. Logarithm of numbers involving indices
    7. Change of base of logarithm
  2. Compound interest, investment and annuities
    1. Simple interest
    2. Compound interest
    3. Use of formular to solve compound interest
    4. Investment
    5. Partnership
    6. Annuity
  3. Change of subject of formular
    1. Change of subject of literal equation
    2. Change of subjects involving brackets
    3. Substitution in formulars
    4. Practical problems on the change of formulars
  4. Variation:
    1. Direct variation
    2. Inverse Variation
  5. Variation:
    1. Joint variation
    2. Partial Variation
  6. Application of solution of quadratic equation in practical problem
    1. Solution of quadratic equation by: factorization method, completing the square method, formular method, graphical method.
    2. Construction of quadratic equation with given roots
    3. application of solution of quadratic equation in practical problem
  7. Surface area and volume of a sphere
    1. Solid Mensuration
    2. Cube, cuboid, cylinder, pyramid,
  8. 3-dimentional problems.
    1. Surface area and volume of a sphere and hemisphere
    2. Cone
    3. Volume of composite shapes
    4. Formation of a cone from the sector of a circle
    5. Relationship between the sector and new cone
  9. The circle and sphere:
    1. Longitude and Latitude
    2. Great and small circles
    3. Location of places on earth’s surface
    4. Distance along the small circle
  10. Revision
  11. Examination


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