Me and My Computer: Learn Computer Without Tears

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Me and My Computer is an ebook that teaches computer in a very simple way. If you have a system and dont have someone who will be there to teach you the basic things you need to know, then this book is there for you.

With Me and My Computer, you learn computer as if someone is there directing you. This is because the book makes use of simple languages and everything is writing in steps ie STEP BY STEP. It is one of the Step by Step eBooks written by Arinze Ifeanyi.

The values you will learn with the aid of this book is as listed under table of content:

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  1. How to put on the computer
  2. How to shut down the computer
  3. For windows 8
  4. How to restart your computer
  5. What do you mean by windows 8?
  6. How do I know if my operating system is windows 8?
  7. Other ways to know your systems operating system
  8. Getting started with windows 8
  9. Knowing the start menu
  10. How to pin a program at the start menu
  11. Knowing the task bar
  12. How to reposition the task bar
  13. How do I know if the task bar is locked?
  14. How to lock/unlock the task bar………

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